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Notus - Powersonic s.r.o.

NOTUS – POWERSONIC s.r.o. is the subsidiary company of ŠVEC a SPOL s.r.o. It has been focused on development, production and sale of equipment in the area of industrial degreasing and cleaning since 1993. 

The progressive ultrasonic technology for removal of impurities from the things is used for these purposes. Ultrasonic cleaning does not recognise the unavailable places and it is used where the quality and high standard is emphasized.

NOTUS – POWERSONIC s.r.o. offers solutions on the base of ultrasound, washing and sprinkling including the separation, filtration and manipulation as well as working the project out including the production, assembly and delivery of the equipment.
Company provides the consultancy, guidance and services in the area of cleaning and degreasing by ultrasound for the customers.


  • laboratory and industrial ultrasonic cleaners (1 – 40 litres)
  • ultrasonic industrial cleaning tanks (up 40 litres)
  • ultrasonic cleaning sets
  • ultrasonic industrial lines and equipments


Ing. Ladislav Patay, MEng.

Chief Executie Officer

Staničná 502, 952 01 Vráble, Slovakia

tel./fax: +421 377 832 757
mobil: +421 908 245 432
e-mail: patay@notus-powersonic.sk